Following an in-depth study, the Foundation recommends that Ministries launch an information campaign to promote consumption of leavened bread, as it is the ideal food for the poor. (Evaluation of Balady Bread Made with Sour Dough Compared to that Made by Bakery Yeast – A. Azouz, S.A. Hafez & S. A. Soliman - Food Technology Research Institute, Agri. Res. Center, Giza, Egypt ) 2009.

Bread is a whole food and should become essential to a balanced diet if baked with natural ingredients. There are two methods of production: with yeast or with leaven. Yeast leads to an artificial fermentation, which produces ‘sweet’ dough, lacking a significant supply of proteins, whereas dough from leaven fermentation is very rich in protein. Leaven comes from natural flour fermentation, so only nature is involved in this process.

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