Spiros C. Moros Foundation

" And he who sang he song to the wind
Shall sing it also to the moving spheres

Khalil Gibran

One of the fundamental notions for the Foundation is “the Garden of Life”. It is a innovative concept, based on the idea of the return to nature of nature itself. It is crucial to understand that this process is at the heart of regaining balance.

The Foundation believes that nature must be allowed to take its course, with no search for profitability, promoting a balanced life, with no intervention in the processes themselves, even if harvest is lower as a result. The health of plants is the only guarantee of safety.

A healthy plant, in the right environment, with the proper nutrients coming only from the surrounding nature, will give the most of its potential. Processed plants only give sick plant products, the safety of which being questionable. This concept does not only concern plants; ecological balance relates to nature globally. In the case of honey, bees gather pollen from autochthonous plants depending on the season. In the desert, where acacias, eucalyptus or peppers grow, they do not have the same seasonality and so every time honey will be different in taste, texture and colour. Bees are healthy, if they become ill they are not treated, they die and a new swarm takes over.

The quality of food must be the priority, even if profitability is lower. Healthy food, in reasonable quantity, gives a unique quality of life and optimal health. The supposedly increased cost of healthy food is compensated by the lower costs of illnesses due to poor eating habits (obesity, early diabetes…). Based on these principles, Aloes Arborescens, which is part of the recipe, and Plantago Lanceolata are almost wild plants as they grow in their original ground and only receive water from the well.  

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