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After the successful personal experience of the founder and his brother in beating cancer by using special Aloe recipe, they established Spiros Moros Charity Foundation; it is Non Governmental Organization registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity (Reg. #4819 year 2000) aims at achieving better healthy life for the community by raising awareness about healthy nutrition, breast feeding, holistic medicine, bio-farming and cancer through organization of seminars,workshops and different media tools. It sponsors applied research in these fields.

The foundation translates and publishes selected international books and exchange information and experience with the national, regional and international organizations and makes them available to the public through its web site. The books are available in the foundation office with reduced price.


Conservation of the natural eco-balance that God created on our planet and of the balance of the body organs is the right way to improving the quality of our life. For every ailment there is a remedy, nature is rich of natural remedies we must look for discover them.


Tony Constantine Moros

Egyptian of Greek origin holds Bachelor degree in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Belgium. 
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Spiroplastic Industrial Company. 
Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Spiros Moros Charity Foundation

Dr. Mohamed el-Zarka

Vice Chairman of Spiros Moros Charity Foundation



Scientists Acting Friends

Prof. Kamal El Batanony- Professor. of Botany, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

Prof. Wegeda Anwar- Professor of Community, Environmental and Occupational Medicine; Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University.

Prof. Madeha Khatab – Ex Dean, Faculty of Medicine Cairo University.

Prof. Ahmed Youness- Head of the Egyptian Association for Mother’s Milk Friends, Secretary General for the Egyptian Association of  Pediatrics

Prof. Alaa Azouz Salama Abdel Maksoud- Deputy Director, Food Tech. Res. Inst, Agricultural Research Center.

Prof. Nabila Shaheen- Prof. of Ecology and Plant Physiology, Faculty of Agriculture, Tanta University.

Prof. Tawfeek Hafez – Prof. of the Organic Agriculture, Agricultural Research Center.


Spiros C. Moros Foundation.
4 Emara El-Yamani St.,
Zamalek, Cairo,
Tel. : +20 2 27357405
Fax : +20 2 27367844
Email : info@spirofoundation.com

Spiros C. Moros 

Spiros C. Moros is an Egyptian citizen of Greek origin, born in Cairo on 24th of January 1945 and studied Psychology in Belgium and France.

He started his business career in the field of glue manufacturing then in plastic industries and achieved a great success at local, regional and international levels. His enterprise “Spiroplastic” has become the greatest enterprise in Acrylic industry in the Middle East. This increased his desire to help and assist people.

He loved the nature and believed that God created it for human-beings convenience and benefits and created in it all what human beings need for a happy healthy life.

He was attacked by cancer (Melanoma with two metastasis) in 1995. He went to the nature searching for the appropriate treatment with guidance of the latest published research in the field of holistic medicine with strong believe that God would help him in beating that disease.

God granted him complete recovery from Melanoma in 1997. This increased his belief in God and nature.

Cancer attacked his brother; Tony Moros in 1999. He started to treat his brother following the same way of treatment till God granted him complete recovery in 2001.

Spiros has established his foundation in 2000 as thanks to God for his generous gifts.

He allocated part of his fortune to the foundation in order to help cancer patients and get people acquainted with holistic medicine, bio-farming & breast feeding.

Spiros has passed away on 26th of August 2002 leaving a 7-year daughter and a 5-year son, as well as a great love in the heart of everyone had known him and a long lasting memory of a man who was satisfied by his destiny and believed in God and his almighty power.

He left the short life to the eternal life.

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