We are what we eat.

The patient does not have time for mistakes.

Raw eating will not solve all the problems but it presents three advantages:

- Food is not transformed by the cooking process, its components remain intact and so the body will eliminate less toxins;

- The body works less on eliminating the under-products from the cooking process;

- This type of food wakes up our long-buried instincts, which simply deal with cravings and the complications of life without doing anything, they give information on what the body needs, which varies depending on the time, the day, or the period. It is a natural practice. By eating cooked food, the body is deprived of this option.

Any change must be gradual as the body gets used even to the worst. Taste is not as trustworthy as one may think, it is in fact cultural and the result of previous eating habits. To be successful, a change of habit must be enjoyable.

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