Beating cancer with Nutrition

Your body s many cries for water This is break through medical discovery that Iranian-born Dr Batmanghelidj outlines in the extraordinary book and if we drank more water daily he says ,many of the degenerative diseases could be prevented or even cured.


 Is a condensed booklet which provides important instructions for protection against and cure from cancer , which are excerpted from the book entitled "Beating cancer with nutrition", authored by Dr. Patrick Quellen.

This booklet offers 21 valuable tips about how to confront cancer and conquer it both psychologically and physically, starting with trust in God and infinite faith in divine benevolence and ending with health conscious nutrition and continuous charging of the immune system, while emphasizing , along the way, the importance of optimism and the indomitable fighting spirit until cancer is finally conquered.

The book contains excerpts from “Beating cancer with nutrition”, authored by Dr. Patrick Quellen, himself a cancer survivor, and translated by Dr. Ahmad Medhat Islam


A Hurra

Cancer is curable



This book contains a nature – inspired cancer cure composed of cactus , honey and liquor, authored by father Romano Zago and translated by Dr. Ahmed Medhat Islam

Al Hurra

Strengthen your immune system


Authored By Dr. Jennifer Meek and translated By Dr. Ahmad Medhat Islam

This book explains how you can fight infections by natural means, while taking you on a voyage through the wonderful world of the immune system.

  Breast feeding is every baby’s birthright 



This book explains the tremendous health benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child, and answers questions that every mother needs to know about breastfeeding

Authored by Dr. Ahmed Al-Said Younis.


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